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Your Boy's Journey to Become a Man

Flight Plan

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Flight Plan is packed with biblical principles and practical advice on what it means to follow God as a pre-teen, a teenager, and a man. To help you make the most of Flight Plan, download the discussion guide for leaders. The free PDF includes key verses, discussion questions, and suggested activities to help your son or student think through Flight Plan and live it out.

What does it mean to be a man?

A real man glorifies God by seeking an adventurous life of purpose and passion as he protects and serves others.

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7 Virtues

Leave No Man Behind

A True Friend…

  • Displays compassion and kindness
  • Encourages his classmates
  • Shares what he has
  • Honors his promises
  • Looks at the heart of others
  • Serves and helps those around him
  • Tells the truth
  • Shares his emotions
  • Loves all of his neighbors
  • Stands by and stands up for his classmates
Develop a God-Sized Vision

A Humble Hero…

  • Seeks and follows God’s purpose for his life
  • Sets a heroic purpose and selfless goals
  • Does not boast or brag
  • Does not seek recognition or reward
  • Finishes what he begins
  • Has faith in God, not in himself
  • Honors God by loving and helping others
I Am Third

A Servant Leader

  • Does what is right when no one is looking
  • Stands firm in an uncertain world
  • Understands leadership is an opportunity to serve
  • Serves out of love
  • Treats everyone fairly
  • Loves and respects people with different opinions
  • Looks for needs and for ways to meet them
  • Honors God by loving and helping others
Set the Example

A Pacesetter…

  • Sets the example for others by living biblically
  • Makes a difference in his community by using his God-given gifts and talents to serve others
  • Treats others with respect and equality
  • Cares deeply about the poor
  • Doesn’t overlook the mistreatment of others
  • Wants to help the under-resourced
  • Builds communities in which everyone is respected, loved, and treated fairly
  • Stands up for those being bullied
Don’t Sit Around

A Bold Adventurer…

  • Chooses adventure and purpose over boredom and comfort
  • Lives by God’s standards rather than the world’s
  • Follows God’s call on his life
  • Is willing to be uncomfortable
  • Doesn’t waste his life on the things of this world
  • Faithfully lives in God’s story for his life
Called to Duty

A Noble Knight…

  • Lives by a code of honor and integrity
  • Shows respect to his friends, families and communities
  • Takes initiative for the benefit of others
  • Honors their commitments
  • Steps up and faces difficult situations
Loved by God

A Faithful Follower…

  • Gives up control of his life to Christ
  • Lives his life faithfully in response to the gospel
  • Is saved by grace
  • Leads a joyful life
  • Lives with God’s promises in mind
  • Is completely committed
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