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How to Use this Website

Flight Plan is a program packed with biblical principles and practical advice on what godly manhood is and what it looks like as a pre-teen and teenage boy. This website supplements the Flight Plan book with interactive content to help your son or student think through that material and talk about it with you.

Boys have journals, activities, and quizzes for each chapter in Flight Plan. Just log out of your account with the “Log Out” button in the upper right corner, and he can log in with the account and password you set up for him. (You can find instructions for boys here.)

Creating Your Account

  1. Go to flightplan.org/takeoff to create your account
  2. Enter the email that belongs to the adult setting up this account
  3. Enter your password and select your role
  4. Scroll into the blue section and click “Add Another Learner”
  5. Enter your son’s first name, a unique username, and a password—he’ll use the username and password to log in
  6. If you have multiple boys going through the curriculum, click on “Add Another Learner” again and enter the information for the next boy
  7. Click on “Create Account”

Teachers and mentors: If your students are going through this book with their dads, do NOT create accounts for them. You can explore the content for boys without adding a learner.

Logging in: Go to flightplan.org and click “Log In”—once you’ve set up your account, you don’t need to go back to flightplan.org/takeoff

Navigating the Leader Dashboard

When you create your account or log in, you go to the Leader Dashboard.

To edit your account details or learners, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to go to the Settings page. Make your changes and then click “Update Account.”  

To view your son’s progress, scroll down until you get to the icon(s) for each boy on your account. Click on a boy’s icon to go to whatever chapter he is working on.  

You can also go to a master view of the boy’s content, with all content unlocked and no particular boy’s answers in the assignments. To get there from the leader’s dashboard, scroll down to the section titled “Master View” and click on a chapter.

Have a suggestion for us? Let us know here.

Navigating the Boy’s Dashboard (For Dads, Teachers, and Mentors)

If you are viewing as a specific boy, “Viewing as _____” will be in the lower left corner. You can switch between boys and the master view by clicking on the gear icon.

In the main section of the page are the activities for the boys. Activities can include journals, life skills, “Take Action” challenges, and quizzes. If you are viewing as a specific boy, you can what he wrote in a journal or “Take Action” challenge and what he answered in a quiz.

Unlocking Content: Boys must complete the other activities to unlock the quiz. The quiz is 4 multiple-choice questions—answering 3 questions correctly will unlock the next chapter.

Teaching Life Skills: Most chapters have an infographic to walk through the basics of a life skill. We encourage dads to teach their boys these life skills—your son will learn much better from you than from any graphic, and you will enjoy meaningful time together in the process.

Viewing Questions and Activity Ideas: When you are viewing an activity, you will see a bar at the top labelled “For Dads.” Click on it to see discussion questions and activity ideas.

You can also use the blue activity stars on the left to get around. If you are viewing as a specific boy, the stars will show his activity:

  • Bright blue stars show a completed activity
  • Grey stars show an incomplete activity
  • Outlined stars show a locked activity (you cannot click on these)